10 Movies and documentaries about fashion to watch at home

10 Movies and documentaries about fashion to watch at home

Hello dears! How are you? This week I was watching some super interesting movies and fashion documentaries, I share my 10 favorites!

By Andrea Ochoa / Photos: Pinterest

One of the best ways to learn about fashion and get inspired is to watch movies, documentaries and series on the subject. And what better than these days at home to see those that we have not seen.

After watching the documentary Franca: Chaos and Creation on Netflix, I made a list of my 10 favorite films and documentaries about design, art, editorials, and ethical fashion dilemmas (and where to watch them).

So, I hope you like it! 😊

1. Coco before Chanel
This Anne Fontaine film shows the polemic life of the most famous designer of all time: Coco Chanel, and how her firm became what it is today.

* Available on HBO or you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video / Google Play.

2. Yves Saint Laurent
This film directed by Jalil Lespert is about the story of Saint Laurent, who became Dior’s creative director at just 21 years old, before creating his own firm.

* Available on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Next in Fashion
This reality show with Alexa Chung and Tan France as hosts, brings together 10 fashion designers from around the world to compete each week for $ 250,000 to create their own brand and sell their collection on Net-a-Porter.

* Available on Netflix.

4. Franca: Chaos and creation
This documentary by Francesco Carrozzini shows the life and work of his own mother, Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italia, extremely controversial and a benchmark of fashion in the world.

* Available on Netflix.

5. 7 Days Out
Chapter 5 of this mini series on Netflix shows the 7-day preparations for one of the biggest events in the world: the Chanel Haute Couture show in 2018, by Karl Lagerfeld.

* Available on Netflix

6. Dior and I
This documentary by Frédéric Tcheng shows the behind the scenes of the creation of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection as the new artistic director of Christian Dior.

* Available on Amazon Prime Video.

7. The September Issue
In this documentary, filmmaker R.J. Cutler shows behind the scenes of the September Isuue of Vogue by Anna Wintour, one of the world’s most famous fashion publishers.

* Available on Vimeo

8. Vogue: The Editor’s Look
Coinciding with its 120th anniversary, this documentary tells the story of Vogue magazine through behind-the-scenes interviews with Vogue’s fashion editors.

* Available on HBO and Apple TV.

9. The True Cost
What is the true cost of fashion? That is the question posed by this Andrew Morgan documentary, showing the other side of this industry: laboral exploitation and the pollution generated by factories.

* Available on Amazon Prime Video.

10. Luxury: Behind the mirror
This documentary by Zoe de Busierre looks behind the glittering façade of luxury fashion. Taken with a hidden camera, it shows the brutal conditions on Chinese fur farms and how immigrants are exploited in Italian tanneries.

* Available on Amazon Prime Video.