7 healthy breakfasts for every day of the week

7 healthy breakfasts for every day of the week

Hi loves! How are you? I hope you’re all healthy, with your family at home. Since breakfast is my favorite part of the day, here are 7 easy and healthy recipes. I hope you like them!

By Andrea Ochoa / Photography: Clara

Undoubtedly my favorite part of the day is breakfast: something tasty, healthy and quick to start the routine. Lately I have tried to make new recipes and I must tell you that eating delicious and healthy IS POSSIBLE. 😊

So, I share with you 7 healthy breakfasts for each day of the week.

Which one do you want to try?


Andrea Ochoa

1. Salmon toast
If you like a salty breakfast, try a slice of whole wheat bread with cream cheese. Stuffed with smoked salmon, fresh spinach, olives and sprinkle with dill, just great!

2. Green smoothie with mango and banana
If you are looking for a recipe other than green juice, this smoothie is perfect. Mix 1 banana and ½ mango in the blender (cut the rest into slices for topping), 80 gr. kale or spinach, 1 handful of alfalfa sprouts, and some mint and basil leaves. Serve and decorate it with mango slices, and you can add grated coconut or seeds too!

3. Fig sandwich with zucchini
One of my favorites: on a whole wheat bread, put fig slices, raw or roasted zucchini in the pan, arugula and a little yogurt with lemon, salt and pepper, you will love it!

4. Pita bread with avocado, tomato and sprouts
This recipe is very easy: fill a pita bread with guacamole and raw tomato slices. To give it a more sophisticated touch, add some sprouts and olive oil, delicious!

5. Banana yogurt with mango and pomegranate
A different yogurt recipe is to mash a banana with some Greek yogurt and add cinnamon to taste. Garnish with mango and pomegranate, light and delicious!

6. Vegetable sandwich
Vegetable sandwiches are great. Spread two slices of whole wheat bread with mustard and then fill it with cucumber, red or yellow bell pepper, fresh spinach and green sprouts, super healthy!

7. Matcha tea pancakes
I couldn’t miss a recipe with matcha. To prepare the pancakes, crush a banana, an egg, 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and a tablespoon of matcha powder. Put a little vegetable oil in a pan and cook the pancakes one by one. Accompany them with yogurt and chopped fruit!