#MBFWMx Iss Evêglaf SS18: HOPE

#MBFWMx Iss Evêglaf SS18: HOPE

Reading: 3 minutes / By Andy Ochoa / Photography: A. Ochoa & @fashionweekmx

Hi loves! It’s half of the week already and this time I want to share with you the collection of this Mexican designer with a critical social vision: Diana Villalobos and her firm Iss Evêglaf, check it out!

I have always believed that fashion should go beyond aesthetics. For Diana Villalobos, it is clear that this is a reflection of social situations, which has made her win several awards in Shanghai, New York, Florence, Hong Kong and Paris.

During her debut in General Prim at MBFWMx, this designer presented her HOPE collection, inspired by the muxe community of Oaxaca. Like its previous collection, called The Beast in honor of the train that goes from Central America to the United States, its purpose is to be a spokesperson for those people that, just because of their ethnic, religious, cultural and gender, are not heard.

HOPE represents the mixture of cultures, materials, traditions and techniques. The embroidered garments with their own illustrations with androgynous tendencies refer to the muxes and their culture. Thus, this designer aims to promote the hope of a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Just look at their designs to understand the message they try to spread. What do you think?


Andrea Ochoa

Social Media: iss_eveglaf

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