Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week 2017: The Experience

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week 2017: The Experience

(Reading: 6 minutes) / Photography: Andrea Ochoa & MBPFW

Hello my loves! I hope you’re doing great! These last two weeks have been crazy. I returned from London a few days ago to attend one of the most anticipated events in Prague: the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017. I’ll tell you the whole experience!

When it comes to fashion, there is a specific week for fashion lovers: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW). This event is held twice a year in most of the world capitals, and Prague is not an exception. Different fashion trends are presented for both seasons: spring-summer and fall-winter; conferences are held with experts in fashion, and it is a platform to boost the local design as well as local designers in each country.

As my first time in a Fashion Week, I couldn’t be more excited, not only because of the experience itself, but because of the fact that I didn’t have expectations about the Czech and Slovak designers. I must say I was really surprised! Here is a brief summary of each day of the week:


IMRECZEOVA by the Czech designer Zdenka Imreczeova, was definitely one of my favorites. Her collection could be described with one word: simplicity – despite the futuristic touch. The color tones go from black to white, passing through the light blue. Here are my fav looks:


SITUATIONIST by Irakli Rusadze, in collaboration with Tereza Debnárová. This Georgian signature is one of the biggest promises of fashion design. His collection showed a range of neutral colors: black, gray and nude, with a touch of red and green. My favorites: straight and geometrical cuts.


MICHAEL KOVACIK. This Slovak designer has a very peculiar style: simple, minimalist and feminine. His entire collection is dark, but nevertheless incredible. My favorites: blazers.



KATERINA GEISLEROVÁ, a Czech designer who studied in Paris and opened her own boutique there some years ago. Since her appearance in MBPFW 2012 she has remained successful. My favorites: simple cuts in red, yellow and black tones.


TIQE, the firm created by the Czech designer Petra Balvínová in 2006 is a real must and stands out for its simplicity, elegance and delicacy in each of its designs. My favorites: gray, yellow and white tones garments.



This forum was approved by CEZ and Forbes was a great experience to hear so many experts in branding, marketing, styling and digital strategies for fashion business. Some of my fav speakers were the creators of the Czech brand NEHERA; the famous English fashion photographer and fashion editor, Anders Sølvsten Thomsen; as well as Louis Vuitton marketing specialist, Lady Martina Lowe. Of course, Annet Charitonova –blogger and youtuber- couldn’t be missed! Hearing their different experiences was such a great inspiration for me!


The Kotva Center became a Showrrom sponsored by Nespresso and Elle, so that the public could appreciate the collections of all the designers once again and see behind the scenes of Elle’s special FW edition photo shoots. This was a great opportunity for me to see the collections that I missed from the weekend: NEHERA, JAKUB POLANKA and LAFORMELA.


To finish the week, what better than a party with the best DJs, an art exhibition and a special exhibition of lights in the heart of Prague. It was the best way to do some networking and relax a little bit after the whole week.


Without a doubt, MBPFW has been a great experience that inspires me to continue in something I love: fashion design. As I always say: fashion is not just about garments, it’s about expressing yourself and reflect your own art and culture.

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Andrea O.