Hello dears! How are you? I’m so happy to share this: I changed my blog. I’ll tell you everything about the whole process!

By Andy Ochoa

September 13, 2020

After months of thinking about it, the day finally arrived: I changed my blog. New name, new image, new content. But why the changes?

I believe that this year we have experienced many changes in all our aspects of our lives. And when we started the quarantine, I got a little nostalgic remembering how I started my blog.

Four years ago when I was still studying, the idea of ​​creating “Kleine Mexikanerin” came up, to share what I was most passionate about about art, fashion and travel.

Today, many things have changed, but the essence remains the same. Throughout these years, I have learned a lot and my way of seeing things is totally different. Therefore, a change was necessary.

I will continue to share with you everything that I am passionate about, but with a much stronger focus on art, fashion, design, and even topics that I am exploring such as illustration, architecture and interior design.

NEW BEGGININGS. It’s the phrase that defines how I feel.

I hope to share many things with you in this new stage of my life!

And of course, I hope you everything I share with you.


Andrea Ochoa

Photo: Guillermo Lugo Thron