#Recommendations June 7-9th Weekend

#Recommendations June 7-9th Weekend

Hi dears! How are you? Here are the recommendations for this weekend 😊 I hope you like them!

1) Cantina La No. 20 @ cantinalano20

One of my favorite places to drink and chill with friends is Cantina La No. 20. Although there are several locations, I love Polanco’s restaurant. I recommend you try the fideo seco, the caserola de lengua and the torta de milanesa, all of them are great to share with someone else!

Address: Andrés Bello 10, Polanco, CDMX.

2) ChurrerĂ­a General de la RepĂșblica @churreriageneral

One of the things that you must try in CoyoacĂĄn are the churros. And recently I found the ChurrerĂ­a General de la RepĂșblica, which have the traditional sugar and cinnamon, and  also, a special line of churros filled with flavors such as honey, goat cheese, maple with bacon and philadelphia with berries. But my favorite one was nata with cinnamon and honey, you have to try them!

Address: Francisco Sosa # 1, Col. Del Carmen, CoyoacĂĄn, CDMX.

3) “Brassai. The Eye of Paris “in Bellas Artes

One of the exhibitions that I want to visit is “Brassai. The Eye of Paris “by the Hungarian photographer Gyula HĂĄlasz in Bellas Artes. The photographs show scenes of daily life in Paris in the decade between wars, from 1920 to 1930. I hope to go this weekend!

Address: Juarez Avenue, Historical Center, CDMX.

* Until June 16, 2019.


Don’t miss the next ones on the blog! 😊


Andrea Ochoa