Hello dears! I’m so happy to share with you my first fashion interview with Shinae Park, a fashion designer of Korean origin in Mexico, in which we talked about the practicality of fashion in the new normality. I hope you like it!

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September 26th, 2020

Shinae Park is a fashion designer of Korean origin, with more than 20 years living in Mexico. Shinae launched her own brand in 2016, which was characterized by a minimalist aesthetic and simple silhouettes, without neglecting femininity.

Her proposal has managed to stand out within the fashion industry in Mexico thanks to its timelessness and the materials she uses – for example, cotton and linen – which are imported from Korea.

Currently, Shinae Park has a showroom located in Lago de Texcoco, in the Anáhuac neighborhood of Mexico City, which recently reopened after the quarantine to share new proposals with its clients.

For this reason, I decided to visit her to talk about her career and how her brand has managed to adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic, such as the need for greater practicality in fashion in the new normal.

For those who barely know Shinae Park, could you share with us how was your start in the fashion industry?

I think that since I was little I was very interested in fashion. I remember that I always bought Vogue magazines and collected them. I studied Fashion at the Casa de Francia Fashion Institute and years later I took some art and fashion courses, such as Mannequin Modeling at CENTRO, to start my own path.

3 years ago I had the opportunity to saw the debut of Shinae Park during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico Spring-Summer 2018. How was that experience for you, being the debut of the brand and your first time at Fashion Week?

I think it was an incredible experience in which I learned a lot, since behind each show there is great effort, not only from the designers, but from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico’s team. As a designer, it is not only about creating a collection and showing your inspiration, but you must take care of every detail: the music, the environment, the makeup, the hairstyle … all that would not be possible without the team work with the people of MBFWMx, which begins months before the show. I really appreciate the support of a great team, as we managed to convey the essence of Shinae Park in our debut.

What would you say it has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an emerging designer in Mexico?

The biggest challenge was definitely starting from scratch. I started my brand years after having studied, so I didn’t know anyone in the fashion industry in Mexico, I didn’t know what was the first step to start, or what to base myself on. But once I started to create the concept of Shinae Park, I gradually learned how to structure the part of the business, and although there are still obstacles, I think things have flowed and we have managed to grow the brand in recent years.

And about the inspiration, what do you take into account to create a new collection or new pieces?

An element that is always present when creating a collection or new pieces is the comfort of women, since for me it is the most important thing. I want the silhouettes and fabrics to be timeless, that is, that the designs continue the same line and they never go out of style. Shinae Park’s pieces are garments that you can have in your closet for years and wear over and over again, no matter what season you are in.

Moving on to the topic of the pandemic, we know that there have been many changes within the fashion industry in tha last months. Do you think the pandemic has been an opportunity for designers to reinvent themselves? How has Shinae Park adapted to these changes?

Totally! As a designer, I can say that these months have helped me to think and to be able to decide what changes I need to make in my own brand within the new reality, not only of fashion, but in my whole life. The concept of my designs has changed a lot during the quarantine and I want to incorporate elements such as sustainability and organic dyes in my next collections, since it is a subject that I am passionate about. Also, I would like to explore the theme of reinventing some garments with organic dyes, it has been one of my favorite things that I have experimented with in these months.

In this sense, how do you think fashion will change after the pandemic? Do you think we will dress with more practicity and buy in a more responsible way?

I think consumption is a very personal issue. But regardless of the habits that each person has, I think there is a change in the industry and in the brands in terms of the pace of production and the versatility of the designs. From big brands to those that are starting, the vast majority have made changes to be more sustainable, organic and practical. I believe that consumers are looking for greater versatility and comfort, in addition to being interested in the processes behind each garment they buy.

What do you think about the new formats to present fashion collections, such as digital shows and fashion films?

Although digital shows and fashion films are part of the new normality in the fashion industry, they can hardly replace the adrenaline rush of being in a live show and, in the case of designers, all the preparation and work that these entail. I’m not saying that new digital formats do not involve a lot of work, but the experience is different. I believe that both designers and all the people who work in this industry, we will adapt themselves and we will be more open to change. Although being honest, I hope the situation improves so that we can enjoy again the shows and all the experiences around the fashion industry.

Through your social networks, we have been able to observe the launch of new pieces by Shinae Park, designed for the new normality, from dresses or jumpsuits with different patterns, to facemasks. What is your favorite garment to be at home?

I love jumpsuits! Since the quarantine began they have been my favorite garment thanks to its practicity. Being a mother of 3 children, I need to be comfortable, without leaving my own style aside. The jumpsuits can make you look spectacular at all times and allow you to perform any activity. In my case, I play with my children, I hang out in the garden, I cook, I go to the supermarket, I work in my workshop… all with a single garment. Also, I love that they have pockets to store everything I need. For this reason, I decided to create different jumpsuits, with new colors and prints, for all women who seek comfort and practicality without sacrificing their style.

Could you share a preview of some Shinae Park’s projects in the coming months?

Sure! We want to be a much more sustainable and organic brand, so we are creating a new line that goes in this direction. We want anyone who uses Shinae Park garments to feel beautiful, free and above all comfortable, without neglecting the responsibility we have as consumers with the environment. We are working to incorporate organic dyes into different garments, such as jumpsuits, which are my favorite garment so far.

Finally, what would you say to young students who would like to start into the fashion design industry in Mexico in the new normality?

As we have seen in recent months, the pandemic has brought about many changes in the fashion industry. I definitely think that as designers we have to take a different path than we were used to, but this does not mean that it is negative. On the contrary, I believe that it is a great opportunity for emerging fashion students and designers to create innovative ideas and find new models to structure their brands, that is, to find the balance between creative proposals, the business plan and social responsibility. with the environment, creating sustainable, versatile brands that adapt to new lifestyles.

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