#StayHome 30 things you can do to avoid boredom during quarantine

#StayHome 30 things you can do to avoid boredom during quarantine

Hi loves! How are you? Given the quarantine that many of us are experiencing due to the Coronavirus crisis, I give you some ideas of things that we can do at home to avoid boredom. I hope you like them!

By Andrea Ochoa

Watching series on Netflix or reading a book is likely to be entertaining the first week. However, given the uncertainty of how many days we will be home, I did a small list of things we can do to avoid boredom, make a Good use of our time and contribute to the hashtag #StayHome

I hope this will help you!

1. Cook your favorite dish or dessert, look for a recipe on YouTube or Instagram, you don’t have to be an expert in cooking.

2. Dust off the table games, surely you have cards, dominoes, chess, lottery, monopoly or jenga.

3. Read a book, a new one or one you have already read, it will help you to relax.

4. Take care of your plants, so that your house or department looks alive.

5. Clean your closet, divide the clothes you want to reinvent, donate or throw away.

6. Take an online course, at Edx, Domestika or Coursera there are endless courses from prestigious universities and experts, some even free.

7. Watch series or movies that you have pending, make a list or let yourself be carried away by the premieres on HBO, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

8. Create a playlist with your favorite music, sing and share it with your friends and roomies.

9. Exercise, practice yoga or meditation, look for routines on YouTube or Instagram, it will help you stay in a good mood and in shape.

10. Listen to a podcast, there are all the topics you can think of on Spotify.

11. Tour a virtual museum, just Google a little to get to the Frida Kahlo’s Blue House or to the Louvre Museum.

12. Draw or paint, with pencils, markers, watercolors, acrylics or whatever you want.

13. Listen to an online concert, from the Met Opera, Chris Martin, Reik or the Berlin Philharmonic (Google it).

14. Open a Tik Tok account, follow your favorite accounts and try to upload a video, you will surely laugh.

15. Try something you’ve never done, what is it that you’ve been thinking about for months? Online courses can be useful for this.

16. Use Netflix Party, and watch series or movies at the same time as your best friends.

17. Organize your CV and portfolio, when was the last time you updated it?

18. Research on that course, diploma or master’s degree, in a few months you could apply for it.

19. Play video games, and remember those good times when you spent hours with Mario Bros.

20. Put on a facial mask, conscious your skin and prepare a homemade mask (or already made).

21. Learn a new language, with an app, a book, music and movies.

22. Subscribe yourself to YouTube channels, there are endless channels with the topics you like.

23. Enjoy the company of your pet, play, eat and snuggle with it, they are the best companions for these days.

24. Organize your home, rearrange the furniture, do a thorough cleaning, decorate your favorite spaces.

25. Build a puzzle in one day, ask your roomies, brothers, parents or whoever you want for help.

26. Read the news, it is always good to be informed of everything.

27. Learn to play an instrument, there are thousands of online tutorials for guitar, piano, drums, whatever you want.

28. Do networking on LinkedIn, also take the opportunity to make contacts for your office.

29. Plan a project, that small business, blog or idea that you had been thinking of, so at the end of the quarantine you’ll have something new on the doorstep.

30. Organize a virtual meeting, with your friends, family, boyfriend, take the opportunity to talk as much as you want with them while everyone enjoys a glass of wine.

Tip: First, choose between 5 and 10 activities from this list, otherwise, you will leave everything halfway 😊

Now yes, where will they take advantage of their days?


Andrea Ochoa