Street Style: IMRECZEOVA’s Interview, a promise for Czech Design

Street Style: IMRECZEOVA’s Interview, a promise for Czech Design

Reading: 6 minutes / Photo: Özge Öztürk & MBPFW

Hello my dears! How are you doing? I’m happy to be back in Mexico with new ideas and projects for this summer. However, I have a little surprise for you from my last days in Prague: the interview to fashion designer Zdeňka Imreczeová, definitely one of my favorites during Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week. I hope you like it!

I remember perfectly the first runway I attended during MBPFW. I took a seat, read the program and prepared to watch the show. It was precisely IMRECZEOVA who opened that day, catching my attention immediately: minimalist designs, with white, blue and black shades. For this reason, I decided to visit her studio located in Šmeralova 16, to personally meet the designer Zdeňka Imreczeová and have a small conversation about her designs and future projects.

Kleine Mexikanerin (KM): Nice to meet you Zdeňka, thank you for welcoming me!

Zdenka Imreczeova (ZI): It’s good to have you here!

We go to her studio, subtly decorated with white and gray tones, as well as a contrasting painting in red, green and blue tones, made by her husband who is a painter. There, we started the interview while showing me her new summer collection.

KM: During MBPFW I had the opportunity to attend the IMRECZEOVA runway, and I must say it was one of my favorites. I would like to know more about you, who is Zdeňka Imreczeová? How did you decide to study fashion design?

ZI: My name is Zdeňka Imreczeová and I am a Czech fashion designer. I studied fashion design at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, including one year fellow-ship in Paris at ESAA Duperre. When I was little I enjoyed drawing very much and as I grew it was mainly clothes appearing in my drawings. Very soon I started to try to sew myself what I imagined in my drawings. I have always seen fashion as part of one’s life approach and attitude and when I had to decide where to head after grammar school, the choice was simple.

KM: How and when did the idea of creating the brand IMRECZEOVA emerged? 

ZI: I started in 2007 already when I was in my last year of studies. I always felt I would like to start my own label from scratch, so I just followed my dream. First years were not easy, but the hard work was the best „school“ I could get. I had to wear many hats, which was exhausting and challenging at the very same time. However, it gave me confidence in many aspects the fashion industry consists of. Today I run small team of people devoted to the brand the same way as I am. Together we strive to develop the brand further.

KM: What inspired you to create IMRECZEOVA?

ZI: I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and fashion. I remember that Issey Miyake was the first fashion designer I was amazed with already at high school. The conceptualist whose work with form and human body is astonishing. I admire also Yohji Yamamoto, in whose work I feel the combination of sport and traditional Japanese culture. The purity and cleanliness of Japanese culture and its traditional clothing, mainly kimono, is somehow present in every single collection of my brand, but off course strongly influenced by European touch and with my personal signature.


KM: How would you define the style of IMRECZEOVA in three words?

ZI: Monochromatic, minimalist, and devotion to detail.


KM: What was the biggest challenge to start your brand?

ZI: In the very beginning, when I was still a student, it was more about bespoke tailoring than a real brand. I realized very quickly this is not what I was longing for. Step by step I switched to producing first limited collections and very soon to the regular two seasons system. However, it was off course more demanding in terms of production and resources… and brought me number of sleepless nights. The crucial point was also when I realised I cannot manage everything only myself. I had to learn how to delegate responsibilities and actually manage other people. It is impossible to run the brand without well balanced team.

KM: When was the first time that IMRECZEOVA appeared on MBPFW? Can you describe that experience?

ZI: Actually the latest MBPFW was a debut for our brand. We waited quite a long time until we felt completely ready. The experience was very positive. The MBPFW team is highly professional providing perfect support and service and the reaction of media and public was immediate. We are looking forward to taking part next season again.

KM: What inspired you to create the last collection from MBPFW 2017?

ZI: The collection was inspired by the motives and forms of traditional Japanese samurai clothing. All garments feature the motive of a samurai MON, either embroidered or appliqued, which is a circle-shaped symbol, originally used for distinguishing among various samurai clans, similar to coats-of-arms in Europe. I’ve chosen MON in the shape of a stylized and geometrized chrysanthemum, a flower which could be used through Japan’s history only by the emperor and his family. The collection pieces feature it either in a reduced form, for example as a sector of a circle, or in an expanded form, such as a chess grid spread over the entire piece of clothing. I’ve lightened the traditional Japanese samurai garments and confronted them with a classical contemporary piece of clothing – men’s shirt. However, the result is, I would say, highly feminine.


KM: How many collections have you done so far? How many designers do the brand has nowadays?

ZI: As already mentioned the first years of the brand were more about bespoke tailoring and limited collections. The regular seasonal system was entered with 2011 and since then we produce 2 collections each year. I am the only designer of the brand.

KM: How many collections have you done so far? How many designers do the brand has nowadays?

ZI: As already mentioned the first years of the brand were more about bespoke tailoring and limited collections. The regular seasonal system was entered with 2011 and since then we produce 2 collections each year. I am the only designer of the brand.

KM: Finally, I would like to ask you, how do you visualize IMRECZEOVA in the future and what are your main challenges?

ZI: I believe that with the years of good and bad experiences the style of the brand has been united and cleaned. I feel the line is more consistent and recognisable, the brand DNA easily to be defined. In the future it is essential to follow this path. We make comfortable clothes, minimalist with interesting and significant details. It is important to always make sure the collections arise one from another, draw a clear link between them, maintain the designer’s signature and find a good balance between creativity and business.

From a business point of view, we are constantly looking for new selling channels and for a foreign showroom to represent our brand internationally and help us grow further. Entering the foreign market is probably the biggest challenge for the label within 3, 5 or even 10 years.

KM: Thank you again for this great opportunity Zdeňka. I loved your studio and your collection; I wish you luck on your future projects!

ZI: It was a pleasure! Hope to hear from you soon.

And that’s how we said goodbye at the door of Šmeralova 16. Zdeňka Imreczeová is definitely one of the promises of Czech fashion design. It was a very pleasant experience to have met her! I hope you enjoyed the interview.

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I will bring you more content about my last days in Prague soon! 


– Andrea Ochoa