The best facemasks with Mexican design

The best facemasks with Mexican design

Hello dears! How are you? Now that facemasks are part of the new normal, I’ll share with you some of the best Mexican designs. Don’t miss this post!

By Andy Ochoa

October 3rd, 2020

Facemasks are here to stay for a long time. As part of the new normal, we know that, beyond an accessory, masks represent social responsibility to counteract the effects of the Coronavirus.

For this reason, some fashion designers and Mexican brands have created facemasks with innovative designs, following the recommendations of the WHO to ensure their effectiveness, without leaving aside the aesthetics of this accessory.

Made with resistant materials and under the “zero waste” practice, these masks have the great advantage of being reusable. Therefore, I share the best facemasks with Mexican design:

Carla Fernández

Fashion designer Carla Fernández has created a line of facemasks to pay tribute to Mexican artisans from Michoacán, Colima, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guerrero, with designs of jaguars, tongues, tusks and hand embroidery. The profits from these masks go directly to the artisans who make them.


Sandra Weil

The Peruvian designer with more than 10 years of experience in our country, Sandra Weil, has created masks that, in addition to having a very chic design, are made under the “zero waste” philosophy, since they are made of pieces from different collections of her brand, with three layers of fabric.


Benito Santos

Benitos Santos is one of the designers who has designed a line of double-layer masks and surgical material. In addition to the variety of designs, he has also created masks to offer greater protection.


Fernanda Barboza

Durango’s fashion designer Fernanda Barboza has created both masks with neutral designs – black, white and nude – as well as those with Mexican prints and embroidery, and even denim. Made with micro-perforated textile for proper ventilation, there are different sizes of these masks to adapt them to your face. Also, this designer offers small bags to store your mask once you have used it.


Amor & Rosas

Amor & Rosas is a sustainable Mexican brand that has created a wide variety of “zero waste” masks, hand-embroidered and made with hemp, a natural antimicrobial material. In addition, these masks include a water-repellent lining to offer greater protection.


Shinae Park

This Korean-born designer has created masks made with an inner layer of cotton, a middle layer of polypropylene and an outer layer of polyester. In addition, its neutral designs are ideal to combine with any look and include a strap to hang the mask around the neck.


This Mexican brand has created masks with a minimalist design, in nude and black. Made with two layers of waterproof lycra, they are one size fits all and unisex.


The Pack

These masks designed by Patricio Campillo, founder of The Pack, are characterized by being smooth and versatile in aesthetics, so they can be used by both men and women. In addition, they have a linen composition, with interchangeable filters.


Cynthia Buttenklepper

The masks of the Mexican designer Cynthia Buttenklepper are innovative not only because of their design, but because they include a mechanism to change the filters of these to offer greater protection. Made under the motto “zero waste”, they include a removable strap to hang it around the neck, an adjustable nose piece and a small bag to store the mask.


Básicos de México

Básicos de México created a line of masks made of three layers of fabric: cotton, polyester and polypropylene. However, the biggest draw of these is their neutral colors. In addition, for each sale this brand proposes a donation to vulnerable populations through the “El Día Después” association.


I hope you liked this post!

Remember that regardless of the mask you choose, wearing it is part of our social responsibility to end the pandemic.


Andy O.