TRAVEL: 10 things to do in Oaxaca City

TRAVEL: 10 things to do in Oaxaca City

Hi dears! How was your weekend? I want to tell you about my last trip to Oaxaca, one of my favorite cities. Check out my favorite spots!

By Andrea Ochoa / Photography: Ricardo Mendoza & Andrea Ochoa

The first time I visited Oaxaca City, it became one of my favorites thanks to its history, cuisine and color. So, I tell you my 10 favorite spots to enjoy this city:

1. Church of Santo Domingo and the Ex-Convent:This church and the former convent are true works of art. They date from the 16th century and were built by Dominican friars. The former convent has collections of the Zapotec culture and the colonial era. The views of the ethnobotanical garden are a must. Definitely, my favorite spot.

Santo Domingo Church.
Santo Domingo Convent.
Ethnobotanical Garden view.

2. Ethnobotanical Garden: This garden is located next to the former convent of Santo Domingo. It measures 2.3 hectares and houses more than 7,000 different species of plants native to the state of Oaxaca.

Ethnobotanical Garden.

3. Mercado Benito Juárez: Next to Plaza de la Constitución, you will find the famous Benito Juarez Market, where you will find Oaxacan food, flowers and crafts. You can’t go without trying the “téjate” (typical drink), the grasshoppers and the “tasajo” (meat) in the “Hall of smoke”.

“Tejate”, traditional drink from Oaxaca.

4. Oaxaca Cathedral: The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption dates from the 16th century and the main sculpture inside belongs to the Italian artist Todolini. I love the green color of the quarry outside the Cathedral.

Oaxaca’s Cathedral.

5. Macedonio Alcalá Theater: I love visiting the theaters of the cities and this is one of my favorites. It dates from the 20th century, with Art Noveau style, green quarry and marble lobby, such a beauty.

Theater’s lobby.

6. Textile Museum: This old house shows the designs, techniques and creative processes for the textile elaboration of Oaxaca, one of the states with the greatest tradition in this field.

Blouse made by Oaxaca artists.

7. Museum of the Oaxacan Painters: This museum aims to give a space to Oaxacan graphic artists. The collection of the artist Vladimir Cora was my favorite.

Valdimir Cora’s work.

8. Los Danzantes Restaurant: If you want to try typical food, Los Danzantes is the best place. I recommend you to try the Hierba Santa and the Mogo Mogo at the start; and for the main plate the Chamorro with Mole Manchamanteles. In addition, this restaurant has a tasting of their own mezcal, which I highly recommend!

Hierba Santa.
Chamorro with Manchamanteles Mole.
Mezcal tasting.

9. Mezcalería Expendio Tradición: If you want to try artisan mezcal and Oaxacan appetizers listening to live music, this mezcalería is the best option. I recommend you to try the mezcal from the house and the tlayuda with tasajo. In addition, we ordered a very original drink: mezcal, avocado and grasshoppers, I swear it’s great!

Tlayuda with tasajo.
Mezcal, avocado and grasshoppers drink.

10. Day Trip to Monte Albán: This archaeological area is 25 minutes from the city and is really a must to see. I should say that the Zapotec culture and the pyramids are impressive, so it is worth visiting. The most practical thing is to take a direct tour from the hotels or the historic center.

Monte Albán view.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini guide of Oaxaca! If you have never visited this city, I highly recommend you to do it. You will fall in love!


Andrea Ochoa